LIFE AFTER BANGKIT(2021) : Career Journey

Agung Prabowo
3 min readMay 28, 2023

Hi everyone,

It’s been quite a long time since the last article that I previously wrote. It’s been more than 2 years since I graduated from the Bangkit Academy 2021 program and in this article, I want to tell you a little about how bangkit change my career path. Let’s keep up!

I Join Bangkit in 2021 when I was in semester 6. In Bangkit 2021 Program, I choose the machine learning path and after 6 months of the program I successfully graduate from that learning path and Bangkit 2021 Program.

After i graduate from Bangkit 2021 Program, I was given the opportunity to take the TensorFlow Developer certification and Alhamdulillah I made it through well.

After i finished Bangkit program in semester 6, In the next semester 7, I signed up for the “Independence Campus Internship” program. Armed with the experience and certification I received when I joined Bangkit 2021, I successfully passed the internship at Metrodata Academy. as Banckend Engineer for the 6 months. And the february 2022 after the internship I started my career (full-time employee) as Fullstack Engineer at PT Quantum Teknologi Nusantara until now. Time seems to pass fast enough, but there are many ups and downs in each journey.

There are several things that I learned from Bangkit 2021. First, how to build personal branding on social media. Personal branding is commonplace nowadays. How people can be interested in us (in a positive way) so that it can provide opportunities for us to develop in various ways. Second, how do we use the time we have to maximize the potential that exists in each of us. There are many ways to explore the potential within such as attending training, seminars, discussion forums, and others.

That is how Bangkit 2021 changed my life, even though the field of work that I am currently pursuing is not in accordance with the learning curve in Bangkit 2021, but Bangkit 2021 is a turning point in my life for a career in technology. Bangkit 2021 does not only teach hard skills but also soft skills that will be useful in the world of work. Come and grow up with Bangkit. Thank you Bangkit! :)




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