Disable Windows Defender, Windows Defender Firewall, Windows Update on Windows 10

Disable Windows Defender

  • Open the Windows Security menu, to open it, type it in the search bar
  • After it appears, then select Virus & Threat Protection in the Windows Security section
  • After that a display like the image below will appear, then select Virus & threat protection settings
  • Then disable real-time protection by turning it on to off as shown in the picture
  • Then Windows Defender is no longer active.

Disable Windows Defender Firewall

  1. The firewall only allows authorized traffic or traffic that has been authorized by the Administrator.
  2. Firewall as a controller, oversees the flow of data flowing in the network.
  3. Firewall regulates, filters and controls data traffic that is allowed to access protected private networks
  • Open Control Panel
  • After entering the control panel then click System and Security
  • Select Windows Defender Firewall
  • On the left side bar select Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off
  • In the customization, select turn off in private network settings and public network settings
  • Then select ok to save changes

Disable Windows Update

  • Open Control Panel
  • Then select system and security
  • After entering the system and security menu then find and select Administrative Tools
  • After opening the Administrative Tool menu, then
  • Look for the menu named Windows Update and then double click it to enter Windows Update Properties
  • If it is already open, then you only need to change the Startup Type option to disabled and click the stop button on the service status option




Interested and learn about programming, web development, and machine learning

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Agung Prabowo

Agung Prabowo

Interested and learn about programming, web development, and machine learning

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