Bangkit 2021 Vol 3: About Bangkit Capstone Project 2021

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  • About Capstone Project
  • Selected Capstone Project
  • My role in the Capstone Project

Capstone Project

  • Economic Resilience
  • Competitive Human Resource
  • Infrastructure Development
  • National Identity and Character Building
  • Political Stability, Rule of Law, National Security & Public Services Transformation
  • Environmental Conservation, Disaster Resilience and Climate Change
  • Regional Development.
  • Healthcare
  • Bereaucratic Reform
  • Education & Research
  • Food Security
  • Mobility/ Smart City
Rancangan Pembangunan Jangka Menengah Nasional (RPJMN) 2020–2024
Startegi Nasional Kecerdasan Artifisial Indonesia (Stranas KA) 2020 – 2045

Selected Capstone Project theme

GetLoc Logo
GetLoc Presentation Cover
GetLoc Preview

My role in the Capstone Project

GetLoc Flowchar
Travelling Salesman Problem with Simulated Annealing
Machine Learning model for recommendation system




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