Bangkit 2021 Vol 2: My Experience Joining the Bangkit 2021 Program

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Hello friends. I am Agung Prabowo. Participant of the 2021 Bangkit Academy program. It has been almost a month since I graduated from the 2021 Bangkit Academy program. And this is my article that discusses my experience following the 2021 Bangkit program.

In the previous article (Vol 1), we discussed “what is the Bangkit 2021 program?” Well, this time I will discuss about my personal experience following the Bangkit 2021 program for approximately 5 months.

Table of Content :

  • Registration at Bangkit 2021
  • Learning Path
  • Modules in Learning Path
  • Soft skill modules
  • Guest Speaker Session

How to Apply for the Revive Program?

I registered for this program on the Bangkit website. On the website there is information about the requirements that must be met to be able to register and also a form to register. This is the stage to register for the Bangkit program.

1. Registration

In this process, you are only required to fill out the form provided by the Bangkit team and wait for the response from the Bangkit team.

2. Assessment

This assessment is intended to test the prospective participants who register for the Bangkit program to comply with the minimum standards that have been determined by the Bangkit team. You will get an email like this from the Bangkit team.

Email response from Bangkit to complete the Assessment

This assessment consists of 3 stages, namely the assessment of coding in the form of basic mathematical calculations and basic programming. Then there is a test candidate assessment which resembles a psychological test for prospective participants.

3. Faculty Approval Submission

Faculty Approval Submission, which is the final approval from the university. When we have finished all the assessments, we are required to create an account on the Kampus Merdeka website and complete the profile as well as ask for campus approval through the website. We will be notified by email when we have done all that.

Email response from Bangkit when we have done all the assessments

4. Waiting

After completing all the administrative requirements and also doing all the existing assessments, the last thing to do is wait for further information from the Bangkit team whether we are declared passed or not.

Email from Bangkit when passed the selection
Email from Bangkit when we have confirmed

What Learning Path have I taken in Bangkit 2021?

In the Bangkit 2021 program, I chose to take the Learning Path Machine Learning as the first choice and also Cloud Computing as the second choice. But in the end, I was chosen to pass the Learning Path Machine Learning. My personal interest in mathematical as well as computational things makes me prefer Machine Learning as the first choice.

What modules are provided?

Bangkit 2021 provides several learning platforms such as Coursera, Dicoding, and also Qwiklabs. But in Learning Path Machine Learning we only use Coursera and Dicoding. There are 6 course modules on Coursera that must be completed, 2 of which are modules in the Learning Path Cloud Computing and Machine Learning and the remaining 4 are only specifically for Machine Learning. The 2 modules available for Machine Learning Path and Cloud Computing are Google IT Automation with Python and Google IT Support.

Modules for Machine Learning & Cloud Computing Path

Meanwhile, the 4 modules available only for Machine Learning Path are Mathematics for Machine Learning, DeepLearning AI Tensorflow Developer, Tensorflow Data and Deployment, and Structuring Machine Learning Project.

Dedicated module for Machine Learning Path

Then there are 2 modules from Dicoding which are specifically for Machine Learning Path participants, namely Belajar Dasar Visualisasi Data (optional) and Simulasi Ujian Tensorflow Developer Certificate.

Dedicated module for Machine Learning Path

Is there a module in the field of soft skills?

A developer is certainly required to have excellent coding skills (hard skills), but not only that. A developer, of course, must also have good soft skills to continue learning and adapting to this rapid technological development. In this Bangkit program, of course, they are not only trained in hard skills, but also trained in soft skills. at Bangkit we are also taught things that can support our soft skills, namely Life Path, Digital Branding, Time Management, Professional Communication, Giving & Receiving Feedback, Adaptability, Persuasive Leader, Critical Thinking, Idea Generation and MVP Planning, Business Finance, Startup Valuation, and there is also a bootcamp that discusses Digital Branding and Communication during 2 meetings.

In this soft skill session, the material provided is in the form of a module on gdrive which we cannot download due to copyright reasons and through an ILT session which is held at google meet for 2 hours. All materials are carried out in 1 meeting except for the Persuasive Leader material which is carried out for 4 meetings and also Digital Branding and Communication Bootcamp which is held 2 times for 3 hours per meeting. Then each material will usually be given a task to test the participants’ understanding of the material.

What is a Guest Speaker Session?

In addition, there is also a Guest Speaker session. Where in the session the Bangkit team invited experts and experts in the field of technology to provide motivation, tips & tricks, and also provide their experiences and views about current technology and how we should prepare ourselves for the future.

Giovanni Sakti Nugraha, head of engineering at GoPay
Nicole Le, head of machine learning and responsible engineering education at Google
Laurence Moroney, lead AI advocate at Google


After in Vol 1 we got acquainted with the Rise program. This time, I will discuss further what activities I did to participate in the Bangkit program and what activities are in the Bangkit 2021 program. Hopefully this article will provide a lot of knowledge, views, and also sufficient insight for the prospective participants of Bangkit 2022 later. That’s enough for now for this article about Bangkit, hopefully it can be useful for all of my friends who read it. This article has been published in Indonesian here.

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