Bangkit 2021 Vol 1: What you should know about Google’s Bangkit Program 2021?

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Hello friends. I am Agung Prabowo. Participant of the 2021 Bangkit Academy program. It has been almost a month since I graduated from the 2021 Bangkit Academy program. And this is my article that discusses my experience following the 2021 Bangkit program.

I hope this article can be useful and useful for other students who might want to join the Bangkit program in 2022 or just find out programs that can improve their abilities, both hard skills and soft skills.

Table of content :

  • What is Bangkit Program?
  • What should you prepare before registering?
  • What does Bangkit provide?

What is Bangkit Program?

In the Nutshell, the Bangkit program is an intensive training program designed to prepare talented young Indonesian talents in the digital field with training in hard skills and soft skills. The curriculum at Bangkit consists of 3 Learning Paths, namely Machine Learning, Android Developer, and Cloud Computing. You can check it here.

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The Bangkit program itself has been implemented since 2020. At that time the Bangkit program only opened 1 Learning path, namely Machine Learning and only accepted about 300 participants and the total number of participants who passed until the end of the program was around 219 participants.

In 2021, the Bangkit program will collaborate with the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka program organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture so that the Bangkit program can be converted to the equivalent of 20 credits. And also in 2021, program participants have increased from 300 participants in 2020 to 3000 participants in 2021. I think this was an offline program, held at several host universities (so students from non-host universities will be placed in host universities). nearest house). When my batch started during the pandemic, we did everything remotely, so the host university had little effect. You can view past events on their website or search for some on YouTube.

What should you prepare before registering?

Basically we can see all the requirements needed to join this Bangkit program on the Bangkit website. On the website is also where we register for the Bangkit program. But apart from the requirements posted on the website I think participants should also make sure they have enough time for the program. Because this is a full time program for 5–6 months and it is not recommended to join the Bangkit program while participating in other full time programs.

The Bangkit program can be followed by all students from all over Indonesia and all majors, both IT and non-IT, can register for this program as long as they pass the initial selection assessment. But I think it’s much better if you already have some basic programming knowledge. Sure, the program starts with a basic programming course, but then suddenly jumps to a much more difficult and specific path course. Then, the participants should also have a high literacy awareness. I mean, I just feel a little sad to see that many of the “best Indonesian students” who are selected to apply to Bangkit only have below-average literacy awareness. This includes missing important information that has actually been posted many times, or even asking a question in a discussion forum that was just answered.

The last one is a good attitude. because most of the activities that will be carried out are all remotely so that the participants and mentors do not actually meet face to face. But something important will be seen during the sessions held on YouTube. The live chat section, or sometimes slides, is often spammed with inappropriate or disrespectful messages, especially for the educated. And this YouTube session can be watched by anyone.

What does Bangkit provide?

Of course, there are many facilities and tools provided by Bangkit Program, including:

1. Bangkit Email

Bangkit will then provide a Bangkit Google account to participants. This account will give us access to google meet email, google calendar, and many other GSuite features for Bangkit purposes.

2. Discord Servers This is the main official information portal for students.

Bangkit created this server and all participants need to do is join using a personal account. This is actually one of the most difficult things in the beginning, where all the information flows in every hour. And it really needs to be checked every few hours so as not to be left behind regarding information.

3. Tribo

Bangkit also uses Tribo for other information, such as posting introductory videos or even doing some challenges. It feels like social media is used internally by the Bangkit team and students.

4. Student Portal

It is also an official information portal. Almost anything can be found here, such as schedules, guidebooks, capstone project information, and more. This, and Discord, is the most important and reliable source of information

5. Course Account and Token

Bangkit provides courses from platforms, such as Coursera, Dicoding, and Qwiklabs. Some of the courses require students to create a new account using the Bangkit email, while some courses are allowed to use a personal account with the token given.

6. Graduation certificate

After students graduate from Bangkit, they will receive a transcript as well as a certificate of completion.

7. Merchandise

This is an online shop where students can buy some merchandise using points. Points can be earned from achieving or completing some tasks or courses, as well as doing Tribo challenges.

8. Coupon for Certification

The participants who pass will get a coupon to take a special certification test for the appropriate learning path. For ML TensorFlow Developer Certificate, for Android Android Associate Developer Certification, and for cloud computing Associate Cloud Engineer Certification.


Well, those are all things you should know about the Bangkit 2021 program. This program is a very extraordinary program and provides a lot of knowledge, experience, and also opportunities for its participants. That’s enough for now for this article about Bangkit, hopefully it can be useful for all of my friends who read it. This article has been published in Indonesian here.

Thank you so much.

Ini juga merupakan portal informasi resmi. Hampir setiap hal dapat ditemukan di sini, seperti jadwal, buku panduan, informasi proyek batu penjuru, dan banyak lagi. Ini, dan Discord, adalah sumber informasi yang paling penting dan dapat diandalkan



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